The Gambia
'Living, as I do, in a rural area of The Gambia, one can't fail to notice that the local women play the major role both at home and in the garden. It is these women who have inspired me to take out my paints again in an attempt to capture the spirit of this country where, whatever the chore, there is laughter and chatter amongst the ladies who carry themselves with poise and dignity, however poor.
I have tried to portray the heat, light and vibrant colours of their fabrics and the surroundings as well as to add some humour to the figures themselves.'
During the 2017/18 season, a new art studio will be set up in the grounds at Farakunku, where Heather will be able to work on her own painting and crafting. Guests may like to join her there, by arrangement, for some painting workshops.

Art Work inspired by Gambia

Women with big pots
Fantasy bird 3
3 warriors
50cm x 40 cm on board
34cm x 44cm on board
23cm x 30cm on canvas
Lady with bamboos
Sunset pot ladies
Fantasy birds 2
30cm x 35cm on board
62cm x 95cm on canvas
36cm x 48cm on board
3 Ladies
3 Ladies v2 / Sold
lady with deer / Sold
Gambia themed art work 
40cmx32cm on board
Gambia inspired art work 
51cmx39cm on board
Art Work in The Gambia 
40cmx32cm on board
Palms at sunset
African Ladies suncolours
Woman picking leaves
West African art work 
40cmx32cm on board
Art work from West Africa 
32cmx40cm on board
Art work in West Africa 
32cmx40cm on board
All these painting are for sale. Please contact Heather if you are interested in purchasing one.