The Gambia

Monthly Archives: MAY 2016

05 May 2016

The whole experience has been wonderful. Such beautiful, well-maintained gardens and the Tree and Bird Sanctuary, where there are birds in abundance, along with butterflies, dragonflies and flowers. Just sitting on our patio quietly, I saw so much in front of me (and above too!) Lots of beautiful memories along with the feeling of being in a friendly and caring ‘family’ environment. Really felt treated as an individual. Loved the space and design of the lodges inside and out. A lot of thought and care has gone into creating such a complex. Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing holiday with such beautifully presented and delicious meals. (Laura)

It has been a very good stay. I have been to The Gambia more than a dozen times and I have never stayed anywhere better. The showers are hot, everywhere is scrupulously clean, the food is varied and beautifully presented and the staff welcoming. The Tree and Bird garden is an excellent idea and very well executed. We have seen lots of birds around Farakunku and it’s immediate environment. A Grey-headed Bush Shrike in the Tree and Bird Garden was a particular joy.

The only negative (and nothing to do with Farakunku) was the devastated situation in Tujereng ’forest’. A fine Savannah forest is now a stand of a few big trees in a large field. (James)

Laura and James

Warwick, UK