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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2015

30 December 2015

Our second Christmas at Farakunku and every bit as good as the first! Heather, Moses and the team provided first-class food, hospitality, company and knowledge of the area to make this another unforgettable holiday. We had great company in Hilary, Simon and Lesley, which added to the ambience (and I trust didn’t put them off coming again!!)

We had two great fishing trips aboard the Lady J and would wholeheartedly recommend this to any guests, as well as a trip to Sanyang to watch Gambia’s national sport – wrestling!

The local beach is one of the loveliest, and most deserted, that you could wish to find. The food there is excellent too, always served with a smile by the ebullient Soffi.

Thank you to all

Nick, Sarah, Matthew and Jonny

Grantham, Lincs, UK


29 December 2015

Looking through this book and reading the delightful comments written by previous guests to Farakunku, it is almost impossible to find original thoughts and comments that can reflect our holiday, beyond those already written.

However, the three of us have had one of the best holidays that any of us can recall. The kindness and cheerful welcome arriving in the Gambia was more than matched by that of Heather, Moses and the team here at Farakunku.

Many would say ‘we will return’ but not find the time…we dearly hope that you will let us return and share even more of the Gambian experience in the near future.

We have eaten well, enjoyed great company and loved our time here so we say, over again, ‘thank you’ with all our hearts.

Hilary, Si and Lesley

North Devon, UK


16 December 2015

What can I say?

What can I rhyme?

Back at Farakunku

For the third time.

All the praises

Are already written

Superlatives galore

Everyone smitten.

In this haven

Of Gambian charm

A sense of peace

A feeling of calm

Only the ‘twitchers’

Have a need to hurry

Breaking the record

A constant worry.

First it was Kevin

Then Paul overtook

Now it is Greg

With loads in his book.

Two hundred and seventy

Would you believe

A staggering score

He strove hard to achieve.

But we’re not counting birds

It’s days that we score

Ticking them off

‘Til we’re back here once more!

Anni and Tony

Leigh-on Sea, Essex, UK


16 December 2015

Our many thanks to Heather, Moses and all the staff for a wonderful two weeks at Farakunku. We’ve enjoyed every aspect of our stay - great food, great company, great accommodation and great fun!

The birding has been excellent with a total of 270 species seen (including 2 nights spent at Tendaba) and finished last night with both African Scops Owl and White-faced Owl spotlighted in the grounds and the neighbouring compound.

We have recorded 134 species within walking distance of the lodges alone! The Farakunku Bird and tree sanctuary is particularly good (afternoons best) and it will be interesting to see how it develops as the trees mature.

Thanks again to everyone.

Greg and Barbara

Northwich, Cheshire,UK


09 December 2015

Another fabulous time spent at Farakunku!

Huge thanks to Heather and Moses for the thought, effort and kindness in making every stay here so special and memorable.

You have created a ‘haven’ here and, with the help of your fantastic team, provide us with wonderful food, gardens, accommodation, fun and friendship.


Until next time….

Ian and June

N Cumbria, UK


07 December 2015

Our old friends Dave and Bet Barrans, whose names appear several times in the guest book, have pestered us for years to come to Farakunku: so here we are at last! Dave and Bet are coming back for their 6th visit in March 2016.

Having read all the comments of past guests, we feel there is nothing else we can add to the accolades other than repeat them.

We will just say that finding Farakunku is like finding a rare, rare jewel. It is a shining example of how great hospitality should be done and in time we hope others will follow Heather and Moses’ example…we can only hope!

Thanks to all the staff and of course to our wonderful guide Lamin for everything. We leave here with wonderful memories, an understanding of Dave and Bet’s ‘pestering’ and a bird list of 260!! See you again, next time with Dave and Bet maybe.

Helen and Paul

Derbyshire, UK


03 December 2015

This has been a wonderful holiday in this most special of places. It would be hard to find a more perfect holiday if you were designing something for yourself completely from scratch.

The accommodation is excellent with everything we could wish for- huge comfy beds, everything spotlessly clean and good hot water for the most refreshing showers.

Heather’s management of the menus is brilliant with the result that all the meals are highly appetising and often with a delightful twist. All the menus seem to be created with many variations so that each mealtime is a pleasant surprise.

The ambience of the lodge is just right. The staff are always friendly and eager to help. The attention to detail of Heather and Moses is remarkable and so the end result for the guest is such thatone is just able to enjoy…and enjoy!

For a birder, this place is Heaven. We took the inclusive package spread over ten days and registered 212 species. With the superlative expertise of Massaneh, both of us (Margaret is a self-confessed appreciator of birds but not a birder) saw everything well. It is hard to imagine a better birding scenario than that provided by Farakunku…and we haven’t even managed to mention the gardens and the self-guided walks.

Through Margaret’s art experiences, we have been able to take back a little of The Gambia with us. Again, this is something to be highly recommended. Thank you so much. We shall be back!

Andy and Margaret

Bristol, UK


02 December 2015

A first and very enjoyable visit. Splendidly cared for by Heather, Moses and all the staff. A definite little piece of paradise. Thanks also to the bird guides without whom we would not have reached just under 200 species- not bad for we novices, not ‘twitchers’!

The lodges are extremely comfortable and the food lovely. We will definitely return! We have had a most relaxing holiday.

Maureen and Peter

Denby Dale, W Yorkshire

P.S. We intend to come back next year to check on our adopted ‘grandson’s’ progress!!