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Monthly Archives: NOVEMBER 2017

29 November 2017

So good to be back again even though 9 months later than planned! Little has changed because it couldn’t be improved…but the Tree and Bird sanctuary (new to us) is a most welcome addition. We thoroughly enjoyed it for its peace and beauty … very relaxing between expeditions led by our guide Lamin.

Thanks to everyone at Farakunku

Joyce and Dare

Coniston, Cumbria UK


24 November 2017

Ode to Farakunku

Palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze,

Frond shadows dancing anywhere they please,

Tiny glossy sunbirdssneak droplets from the tap,

Lizards waving from the wall looking for a gap.

Birds of every colour, every shape and every size,

Competing with their sounds and songs communication wise.

We had a fabulous ‘chill out’ holiday. Thank you both for your care and lovely meals. I am not an avid birder, but love all wildlife. Your garden is alive with wonderful birds.

Janet Clarke

My third visit! That just shows how I feel about this absolute paradise. The birds here are so numerous and varied and each time of every day brings so much change and surprises…it simply beggars belief! This year, for added interest, we brought our night surveillance camera, and, having set it up in your tree/bird sanctuary, the results were absolutely spectacular! The night life in that particular area was alive with activity, especially the Gambian Pouched Bushrat.

Our stay was, of course, made soluxurious and comfortable by our charming hosts, heather and Moses ably assisted by their hard working and diligent staff. Thank you all very much.

Peter and Janet (see above)

Tetsworth, Oxfordshire UK


22 November 2017

Many thanks Heather, Moses and team for a truly fabulous stay, our first. Can’t believe how many incredible birds visit the gardens, so easy to be by the pool and build up an amazing list…and to take good photos (at least potentially). The lodge is very comfortable, the food excellent, (especially considering the location) and the service superb.

Our 6 day birding programme with Lamin was brilliant- he is a fantastic bird guide- we recorded 209 species, many new to us.

Eleanor and Alan

Waltham, Lincs UK


20 November 2017

What a way to spend my 70th birthday – a treat that was hard to beat. The lodge offered almost everything, even the birds came to visit our corner of the gardens. Heather and Moses are the perfect hosts and the staff are so supportive.

Ray Owen

Heather and Moses made our stay here so wonderful, they are such fantastic hosts. The lodges are beautifully comfortable and the friendliness of the other guests made it like home from home. Thank you for a great week and a big plus to the chefs for the delicious food.

Angela Owen


18 November 2017

Privileged to be two of the first guests to arrive this season. Our 5th time here. Searching for the elusive Egyptian Plover up-river from tomorrow, but we just had to spend our first six days at Farakunku.

Apologies for the repetition, but really have had a wonderful time here again. Hard to leave. Thank you so much for everything Heather and Moses and your fantastic team. What a place!

Chris and John

Newcastle upon Tyne UK

PS. Looking forward to seeing your brilliant new studio up and running Heather, on our 6th visit!