The Gambia


Between November and the end of May, the guaranteed constant supply of sunshine as an energy source allows us to provide a totally eco-friendly supply of light, power and hot water. We have installed solar panels, inverters, heat exchangers and pumps to ensure that silent, pollution free energy will provide for all your needs 24 hours a day.
Waste is taken to be recycled or used as compost wherever possible.
Solar power hot water 
Solar hot water
Water Tower, - Farakunku LodgesThe Gambia
Our water is pumped from the well to the storage tanks by solar power.
Dip Pool, Quality lodges Gambia, Eco Tourism 
Our dip pool cleaning pump and filter are operated via inverters fitted in the pump house.
The lodges have all been built using local labour and craftsmen under the control of a professional English builder/civil engineer, so that all the best designs could be incorporated to produce buildings of a high quality.
Natural materials have been used wherever possible for the interiors and local art used for decoration.
We aim to encourage more birds and butterflies into the gardens by planting many flowering trees. We have maintained as many indigenous trees as possible and their medicinal properties are displayed in the grounds for your interest.
We are rated 4.2 out of a possible 5 by ecoclub.com for our approach to good eco-tourism values. Click on their logo for full details as accredited in 2013.

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