The Gambia
We were delighted to welcome back Dave for a 10 day stay with his wife and sister-in law this January. He was here to revise and update his “Finding Birds in The Gambia” publication, which so many guests and birders use and find invaluable for their birding trips to The Gambia.
Birding in our bird sanctuary near the bird pool.
Final group photo on the sun terrace.
Dave re-visited all the best birding areas, as well as enjoying our private tree and bird sanctuary and, of course, our grounds here at Farakunku. All 3 enjoyed the company of fellow birding guests and we were very happy to pose with everyone before they departed.
Dave aims to have his booklet printed and available by the end of the summer in time for the next winter/spring birding season in The Gambia. The current booklet was published in 2011 so, eight years later, there will be some changes.
Before Dave left, he wrote in our guest book:
“It’s so fabulous here. Birders who stay in the Kotu area are missing out on a fantastic experience here at Farakunku.”
For further details contact Dave at www.easybirder.co.uk