The Gambia
Additional craft workshop sessions available at Farakunku studio.
                                                   (new for 2019)
·       Mosaic                             
·       Mono printing                   
·       Lino cuts and prints           
·       Pen and ink designing        
·       Acrylic pouring techniques   
Mosaic £25 per person 10.30-1.30 then 3.00-5.00 (flexible)
Use pre- cut wooden shapes (butterfly/ fish/ owl/ wren/ blue tit/ round drinks mat) and cut your own mosaic shapes from broken china and tiles to create your own design. Cutting tools, eye protection, tweezers, sandpaper, PVA, tile cement all provided.
Mono-Printing £25 per person 10.30-1.30 then 3.00-5.00 (flexible)
Experiment with pre-made shapes to create designs and print onto card/tissue/coloured paper to make greetings cards using different printing inks. Then design your own shapes to make a selection of unique prints. Inks, rollers, plastic gloves, card and paper all supplied.
Lino Cuts and prints   £28 per person 10.30-1.30 then 3.00-5.00 (flexible)
Design your own picture/pattern to transfer onto a lino tile. Use lino cutting tools to make your design in relief then ink up and print…at first on paper and later onto fabric. This can be embellished later with simple embroidery and beads. Everything provided.
Pen and Ink designing £25 per person half or full day use of studio as required
Experiment with inks and water, blowing ink through straws and fine line drawing to create your own designs on watercolour paper.
Acrylic Pouring £28 per person  10.30-1.30 then any further time as required 
Abstract work using a mix of paint, glue and silicone oils to create a chemical reaction with surprising and unpredictable results. Canvas, paints, oils, gloves, blow torch provided.