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Opportunities for Birding while at Farakunku Lodges

In response to some very constructive advice from guests, we would like to stress how ideal Farakunku Lodges can be as a base for birders. We have the coastal birds nearby as well as garden birds and bush species, all of which explains the growing number of identified species all seen in the grounds or within walking distance of the Lodges.
The list stands at over 220 and is regularly updated on our website.
Weaver on water bowl at Farakuku Lodges, Gambia
Weaver on water bowl
Little Bea Eater in Laburnum beside the pool at Farakunku Lodges 
Little Bea Eater in Laburnum beside the pool
Here in the grounds and at different times of day you will see several varieties of Sunbirds, Fire Finches, Red cheeked-Cordon Bleus, Weavers, Waxbills, Gonolek, Mannikins, Babblers, African Thrush, Starling, Woodpecker, Warblers and many others coming to drink from the bird bowls scattered in the gardens.   
We have regular visits from a flock of Little Bee Eaters most afternoons they come down to drink from our plunge pool.  
We have 3 excellent GBA registered bird guides who works exclusively for us now and takes guests to all of the good birding areas: Tanji Bird Reserve, Brufut Woods, Pirang, Abuko Nature Reserve, Lamin Creek, Tujereng Woods, all of which are just a short drive away and can be done as half day trips or by combining 2 destinations for a full day at very competitive prices and with Moses or our driver Babucarr, acting as driver in our comfortable 7-seater 4WD. Marakissa and the bush track at Faraba Banta, are both longer trips but very good for birding allow a day for each of these.
Please see our separate site page of suggested half day and full day Birding itineraries.
Egret waits to drink at Farakunku Lodges
Egret waits to drink at Farakunku Lodges
Farakunku Lodges features in this book and DVD available from the easybirder.co.uk website
Heather & Moses at the bird fair in the UK - 2011
Simon King taking one of our business cards and posing with Moses
Bird Fair 2011
Simon King at the bird Fair 
Simon King at the bird Fair with Moses 
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View from the restaurant 
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